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The Speculum Exam

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Before starting the speculum exam, the doctor will warm the speculum to avoid any discomfort you may feel from a cold speculum. The doctor will then insert one finger into the vagina to locate the cervix and to determine the angle of the vagina. This is done so she will know the correct angle to insert the speculum. A speculum is a metal or plastic instrument that looks somewhat like a duck's bill. The "bills" are inserted into the vagina and opened in order to spread the vaginal walls and visualize the cervix. After the speculum has been opened, a cervical brush and then a spatula will be used to rub a sample of cells off the cervix. This may cause you to experience some spotting after the exam, but it will not hurt. The sample of cells is spread onto a slide and this is the Pap smear. Any samples for testing for infections will be collected. Some doctors screen for sexually transmitted diseases routinely. However, most tests will only be done if there is a reason. The speculum is then closed and removed from your vagina. There will be some clicking noises during the locking and unlocking of the speculum; these noises are routine, so there is no need to be concerned by them.


The doctor will do a speculum exam and Pap smear.

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